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Below are several ongoing and recent projects carried out by RainDrop. 

San Lorenzo Forest

In our mission to heal and rejuvenate the land, we have planted hundreds of native trees, carefully selected to thrive in this unique ecosystem. But our work goes beyond just the act of planting. We have forged partnerships with local communities, recognizing that true restoration requires the collective wisdom and effort of those who call this place home.

Join us as we unveil the story of our restoration process, a story that not only celebrates the resilience of nature but also the collaborative spirit of the people who have come together to protect and nurture it.

RainDrop (@raindrop_sv) • Instagram photos and videos

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Cleaning River Campaign

Imagine a river where the crystal-clear waters flow freely, teeming with life, and serving as a source of pride for our community. This vision is becoming a reality through our River Cleaning Campaign.Together, we are not only cleaning a river but also breathing life back into the heart of our environment, ensuring that it remains a source of inspiration and sustenance for generations to come.

RainDrop (@raindrop_sv) • Instagram photos and videos

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Digital Tropical Flora Guide

Identifying flora species is not just about describing them; it is about understanding the vital role each species plays in maintaining ecosystem health. From carbon sequestration to providing habitat for wildlife, each plant is a key player in the forest orchestra.

Photographic references for Annona purpurea

RainDrop Impact Foundation in alliance with RainDrop El Salvador works in the investigation of the flora in El Salvador, creating a digital Guide with free access.

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Multispectral Imagery

This research demonstrates the utility of multispectral imagery and Pix4DMapper in coverage and bare soil, contributing to improved environmental monitoring and land management practices.

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Project Costa Viva in southern El Salvador

RainDrop is the lead technical partner in the Costa Viva project. We promote sustainable agriculture to stimulate economic development in two rural mountain municipalities with high potential for providing quality products to El Salvador’s fast growing coastal communities.

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