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RainDrop Impact:
Make Every Drop Count

RainDrop is improving our communities and our planet through ecological restoration, environmental monitoring, & education.


Coffee farmers applying water-smart agricultural practices


Hectacres of farms improved with water-smart farming practices


People with improved access to water services


Liters of water saved through improvements in coffee mills and water systems


what we do

RainDrop Impact raises grant funds to support ecological restoration and environmental monitoring in Central America.

Regenerative Agriculture

Creating a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system that benefits both the environment and farmers, restoring and enhancing the health of ecosystems, soil, and biodiversity.

Ecological Restoration

Restoring and preserving vital ecosystems through regenerative farming, reforestation, and riparian restoration.

Environmental Monitoring and Education

Collecting and reporting on soils, water resources, vegetative cover, carbon, and other key resources and empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge to make informed decisions about natural resource management.

Make an impact

Your contributions make an impact.

Donations and grants support: fieldwork, monitoring and reporting, staff training, and purchase of monitoring equipment.

Make an impact with RainDrop.


RainDrop Impact is a US-based non-profit foundation that raises grant funding to support ecological restoration and environmental education in developing countries. Our primary partner is RainDrop, an environmental organization created and managed by young professionals in El Salvador.

Team RainDrop is based on a working farm in western El Salvador. The team operates with 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles, professional-caliber drones, video and photo equipment, water quality testing equipment, and basic soil testing laboratory.

RainDrop also produces and sells a mix of field crops, fruits, tree seedlings, cover crop seeds, and organic honey.

RainDrop Reforestation Project in Western El Salvador

RainDrop carries out vegetative monitoring on farms and forests using a combination of ground-based measurements, aerial drone imagery, and geospatial analysis. Our newest drone is capable of multi-spectral analysis.

Bayron Cazun is RainDrop’s drone pilot.
Ground-based monitoring methods are based on US Department of Agriculture protocols.
where we work

RainDrop is based on a working farm in El Salvador, near the Guatemalan border. It has projects across El Salvador, including coffee growing mountain ranges, coastal mountains, and river valleys.

RainDrop will expand to Guatemala in late 2023 and is exploring partnerships in other parts of Central America.